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I do my thing and you do your own. I'm not really here in this earth to live up to your anticipations, additionally you're not in this world to live up to my own. You're you and I'm I, obviously by chance we find each other well, it is enchanting. If it's

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I hit the hard streets of Chicago running. They were literally hard. I was literally running. The mountain community that had been my running grounds until that point is covered with a layer of fine red clay. But Chicago’s cement sidewalks and paved streets offered no resilience. All shock, no absorption. Friends got used to my stopping often to re-tie my disintegrating tennies so as to hold my disintegrating feet together. Nighttime was dreaded. My sciatic nerves were permanently inflamed. I had no language for that. Not that I talked much anyway. No wonder alcohol and pot were welcomed discoveries. or cavus foot is one of the most common foot problems. It is a structural foot abnormality wherein the curved part of the foot arch that runs from the heel to the toe is very high. When the arched middle part, or the gap between the underside of the foot and the ground is more, the amount of pressure exerted on the instep as well as the metatarsal bones is more, and that affects the stability of the ankles in an adverse manner. It also leads to poor shock absorption. I am sure you can easily see how walking with only one shoe on can cause your back to hurt.fallen arches The cause of flat feet is related to the tissues and bones in your feet and lower legs In babies and toddlers, the condition is normal because it takes time for the tendons to tighten and form an arch. In rare cases, the bones in children’s feet become fused, causing pain. Supporting your feet is usually a first step in recovering from the condition. Your doctor may recommend that you wear orthotics, which are inserts that go inside your shoes to support your feet. For children, the doctor may prescribe special shoes or heel cups until their feet are fully formed. Lifestyle Changes The foot and lower leg are not the only areas where fallen arches can cause problems. When the arch collapses the rest of the body has to compensate. As a result the other joints become unbalanced and do not function properly. For example, the proper functioning of the knee depends upon the body weight being evenly distributed over the entire joint. When the knee has to compensate for a flattened arch, the outside of the knee is forced to take more of the load than the inside. Although the explanation of the problem can be somewhat complicated the solution to this problem is relatively simple. When bunion deformity becomes severe, the foot can hurt in different places and the mechanical function of the forefoot automatically gets affected. Although ill fitting foot wear is the main cause for bunion formation, it may also be caused by variety of conditions such as abnormal bone structure, neurological condition, excessive flexibility of the ligaments and flat feet. A foot doctor specializing in bunion surgery in Liverpool will choose a line of treatment based on the pathologies and may use a combination of procedures to successfully treat bunions. About the Author